Everyday we all make choices - we have to choose which path to take.

It might not seem the most secure path at first but when you really think about it, it will be obvious. Whether it be about ourselves, about those with whom we live & work or even how we work, the daily choices we make will always have an impact on how good we can become and on our health & wellbeing. We must look to refresh our knowledge, learn better ways. Follow the links below to see what we do in more detail:

one day to change your world

Improve the chances of your choices being right with one of our "one day to change your world" workshops. We combine exploring relevant business related subjects with the great outdoors

health & energy - naturally

Sleep is the foundation of our good health and supports the pillars of diet & exercise. But if you continue to run at a million miles per hour Wellbeing will evade you. Come with us to explore better health & more energy - naturally

confidential 1 to 1

Meeting in a confidential and on a one to one basis, can provide the motivation in areas in which you may feel that you have become stuck.


We lead groups walking in the Peak District & Lake District and we cycle in Yorkshire & from London to Paris. Join us in an adventure with those whom you work or those you love to do business with.

The Watch List

A resource list of video, books and research that underpins the concepts of good health & fulfillment

strategy is everything you do to make yourself unique and successful.

We advise people & companies on making their strategy effective, to learn and improve by having a focus on small incremental improvements every day, to everything, so that there is a culture of continuous improvement.

This is fundamental change

thoughts from my world

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