Everyday we all make choices - we have to choose which path to take.

The success of your strategy depends on the choices you make. We help you make that choice:

grow your business

Growth is not just about size, it is also about effectiveness and the creation of a unique and valuable position. Working with the business decision makers we help confirm and improve strategy.

one day to change your world

Take a day out of the office - bring the team. We explore topics relevant to your business and then spend time in the great outdoors.

health & energy - naturally

Good health & energy are vital for success, but if you continue to run at a million miles per hour you and your business will not function well. Come with us to explore & understand better how health & more energy can be achieved naturally.

confidential 1 to 1

Meeting in a confidential and on a one to one basis, can provide the motivation in areas in which you may feel that you have become stuck.


We lead groups walking in the Peak District & Lake District and we cycle in Yorkshire & from London to Paris. Join us in an adventure with those whom you work or those you love to do business with - a day away from the office will give you a real boost!

the library

A resource list of video, books and research that underpins the concepts of strategy, health & personal fulfilment.

Strategy is everything you do everyday to make yourself unique and successful.

Advising people, their famillies & companies for over two decades on making their strategy effective.

To learn and improve by having a focus on making small incremental improvements every day, to everything, so that there is a culture of continuous improvement.

This is fundamental change

thoughts from my world

Broken Spaces

Do you work in an open plan office? How do you find this? Are you productive and happy or does this make you stressed and unable to work productively? Personally, I find open plan offices Read more…

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