Everyday we all make choices - we have to choose which path to take.

The success of your strategy depends on the choices you make. We help you make that choice:

one day to change your world

Take a day out of the office, bring the team. We explore topics relevant to your business and the great outdoors.

health & energy - naturally

Good health & energy are vital for success, but if you continue to run at a million miles per hour you and your strategy will not function well. Come with us to explore & understand better health & more energy can be achieved naturally.

confidential 1 to 1

Meeting in a confidential and on a one to one basis, can provide the motivation in areas in which you may feel that you have become stuck.


We lead groups walking in the Peak District & Lake District and we cycle in Yorkshire & from London to Paris. Join us in an adventure with those whom you work or those you love to do business with - a day away from the office will give you a real boost!

the library

A resource list of video, books and research that underpins the concepts of good health & personal fulfilment.

Strategy is everything you do everyday to make yourself unique and successful.

We have been advising people & companies for over two decades on making their strategy effective. To learn and improve by having a focus on making small incremental improvements every day, to everything, so that there is a culture of continuous improvement.

This is fundamental change

thoughts from my world

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