Yes, I am happy but my way of doing things seems to upset the others

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I am very happy being who I am.

What suppresses my happiness is the knowledge that what I do seems contrary to what most people believe is doing things in the right way, contrary to what society believes I should be doing.

In my strategy for life I am trying to merge two quite different lifestyles, the natural style and the modern style.

the natural style is:

being relaxed and getting good sleep;

being conscious of my diet – aware of the quality of my food and how I eat;

exercising outdoors everyday, in the sunshine, the rain and the wind;

having awareness of my mind, body & soul;

having empathy with other people;

having adventures and having stories to tell.

the modern style is:

having assets to show off;

earning money to spend on luxuries;

allowing the media to influence my life and what I own;

being conscious of the brands to have;

appearing successful;

impressing people;

being judgemental;

getting angry at those things over which I have absolutely no influence.

As I have travelled through life the modern style has become unimportant to me and my focus is upon those things that really matter, the people that I love.


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