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I had picked up a book in Alpkit, the outdoor equipment shop in Hathersage, Derbyshire, having just been for a swim in the local outdoor pool ( Yes, they do AND its heated!).

The book – MICRO ADVENTURES by Alistair Humphreys – is a guide on how to have an adventure that is, to quote Alistair:

“..close to home, cheap, simple, short and 100% guaranteed to refresh your life.”

In other words what Alistair describes as a microadventure.

We have all stopped having adventures because we don’t have the time and they are too expensive but Alistair has come up with a simple solution – the 5 to 9 adventure (page 32 in my copy).

This book will suggest that you do things that will take you out of your comfort zone, do things that you have always wanted to do but the energy sapper in your life keeps saying “NO, why would you want to do that?”. It will energise your thoughts and as your moods are the children of your thoughts you will feel 100% better.

Go for it!

Microadventure by Alistair Humphreys; Published by William Collins; ISBN 978-0-00-754803-3


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