Do not procrastinate – your health is too important!

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It’s taken me a while to get round to writing this but…….

A couple of months ago I wrote about how we constantly accept self inflicted poor health in the work place but I actually meant:

“Why do we accept self inflicted poor health wherever we are – at home , at work, on holiday – everywhere?”

This has to be down to the fact that we never actually get around to doing anything about improving our health, we consistently keep up with those habits which mean we never quite fulfil our potential. We procrastinate, we put off until tomorrow what we should be doing today.

Why do we put so little effort into our health? I thought about this early this morning when I was wondering whether to run or walk my usual dog walking route. Sam, my black Labrador is happy with whatever we do as he still runs a far greater distance, even when I walk.

Going through my head were things like my running shorts are in the wash; I look stupid in lycra; I haven’t run for a couple of weeks; I can’t maintain a good pace; etc, etc.

These are all quite negative thoughts and this is a perfect example of how procrastination leads to other ways in which we sabotage the opportunity for a healthy life. Negative self-talk will become a habit, just like procrastination and one leads to the other. Suddenly what was a moment of indecision becomes a double dose of sabotage – procrastination and negativity.

I suppose what I should have done is planned whether I was walking or running the night before.This would mean making sure that my running kit was ready, the time I wanted to leave was set and away I would have gone, running and trying to keep up with Sam. Brilliant!

But what if it’s raining?


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