How our feet feel and how we use them is vital to our wellbeing.

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Freet Mudee

I was excited this morning because I was able to try out my newly arrived Freet Muddees.

Freet Mudees are barefoot walking shoes and they’ve arrived just in time, as I have had to use an old pair of non-barefoot walking shoes due to my barefoot shoes wearing out – just walking the dog each day I cover just short of 1,500 miles a year.

I started wearing barefoot shoes about six years ago. I can remember the day well because as soon as I put on my new shoes and walked down the street it felt like I was walking on air. Within six months my back pain had gone, as well as the plantar fasciitis that I had been suffering.
This created a great sense of wellbeing but I still persisted in using normal shoes for work and big walking boots for the mountains.

This has now all changed. I now take the view that my health is more important than fashion and so I wear barefoot all the time – that is until they wear out.

Wearing my old walking shoes was a real reminder, as very quickly I had an aching back and sore shoulders.

It’s all about our posture, the shoes that are accepted as the way to look, prevent our feet from acting in the way they are designed. The human foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, and hundreds of tendons and ligaments. Our feet are truly complex and perfectly designed. But when we encase our feet in a rigid piece of plastic or leather and force the foot into a shape it was never designed to be, we have problems. We raise our heel putting excess pressure on our fore foot and toes and we squeeze it all together in a shoe that is designed to look good rather than feel good.

Feet help us move around and to keep our balance, so when they become restricted we have to use our legs, back and shoulders to compensate and this results in pain. Aches and pains means our bodies are not performing efficiently and we need to change.

We should be using our feet like a spring, to walk and run but instead we clomp around thinking we look good but actually from the back we look, well, not very graceful, that’s for sure.

Our wellbeing is a symptom of many, many things in our lives and one of them is how are feet feel and how we use them. Some suggestions to try out are:

  • Walk barefoot when in your home,
  • Wear wider fitting shoes with zero, or minimal drop, at the heel.
  • Try barefoot shoes.

Forget fashion and go for health!


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